Safe and Secure Payment!!

We pay by cash, cheque, PayPal™ and Interac e-Transfer™ depending upon the customer and exchange method. Cash is usually preferred for in-person exchange and Interac e-Transfer™ is the best for delivery. We don't require any personal financial information from you. Just your email and name!


We first analyze your items as described in your free quote. Based on the value of your goods, we provide an honest offer:

When Will I Get Paid?

Payment will be issued to you immediately after we have received the goods and validated that your silver is authentic and matches the description you provided to us in your quote. If in the event you made material errors in your quote request, we will notify you of the error along with the adjusted price. You may choose to accept or reject this offer. If you reject the offer, we will ship the goods back to you at your expense. We do NOT charge any handling or hidden fees to ship it back to you - just the exact shipping cost as charged by Canada Post or other courier of your choice (plus their optional insurance charge if you request).

How Do We Pay?

If the offer is made within our pick-up area, then generally we meet with you and pay with cash. A receipt will be issued and signed by the customer confirming that they have received the funds and that the goods exchanged were to the best of their knowledge not stolen. If the offer is shipped to us, then we will NOT pay with cash. Instead we will pay by certified cheque, PayPal™ or Interac e-Transfer™. The payment method is your choice and we do not require any personal financial information (ie. Interac e-Transfer™ only requires your email address and your name which we already have).

Please don't send us any personal financial or otherwise sensitive information with your order, such as your account number, as it is not required for us to send payment.


Prices are subject to market forces of supply and demand. Offers that have been accepted by our clients are generally honoured for over four days. Please reply to our email offer with the words "I accept" or "deal". We will confirm receipt of your acceptance and provide you with shipping information or arrangements for pickup. In the case of shipping, goods must be received by the courier company (Canada Post® / UPS® / FedEx®) within 24 hours from receiving confirmation from us. If goods are shipped after 24 hours, pricing will be subject to change depending upon market conditions. In all cases where prices differ from our original offer, we will contact you to ensure you accept. If you do not accept and the reason for the change was an error you made, we will ship the goods back to you at your expense (courier cost - no hidden charges). If the error was ours, we will pay for shipping.

Multiple Quote Requests

Multiple quote requests are not permitted during the four day guarantee period. The quotation process is expensive and we do not have resources to respond to multiple requests. If in the case multiple quote requests are received, only the LOWEST offer will be honoured. Pricing is honoured for four days. If the four days passes please request a second quote and include the original quote number in your request.


We usually trade for cash. However, if there is a special request we are always interested in hearing about it. Please include your trade request within the description box of the quote form. Please also let us know if you are interested only in trading or if you would like a cash offer as well.

Refunds / Pawning

We generally do not permit returns and they are rarely requested from our clients. Once your goods are sold to us and payment to you is issued, the deal is final. However, if you would like to reverse an exchange you may request one. Honouring it will be subject to availability and the sole discretion of™. It will also be subject to an administration charge of at least 20% of the purchase price which will cover variable costs incurred by the company during the two exchanges.


In all our trades, we have been blessed by honest customers who uphold the integrity of our society. However, it would be naive to assume that theft does not occur. We will honour all police, insurance and private requests to watch for goods that may be stolen. If in the event that we believe a good is stolen, we will contact police and we will follow their guidance in the matter. We are a Canadian company and respect property rights under Canadian Law. This policy is here to protect our valued customers and their assets from illegal theft.

Privacy Policy

We retain a record of your name, email and address for our own marketing purposes such as sending a newsletter or follow-up email. It is your choice to read and respond to our messages. We do not make unsolicited phone calls. We do not sell your information to any third parties.